Richard Rosenthal (Emeritus)

Born in Canada, Richard moved to Los Angeles with his family as a boy. He was introduced to the stock market by an 8th grade history teacher, and thereby was born a lifelong fascination with markets. He bought his first stock in 1966, and ultimately traded his way through UCLA, earning his Masters in Business Administration, specializing in Finance, with an emphasis on market behavior.

He has traded equity options since 1976 and futures since 1988. Richard specializes in day trading the e-mini S & P markets. He emphasizes use of candle patterns, Bollinger bands, and MACD in multiple time frames.

Richard has been mentoring for numerous years. His intelligence, congeniality and humor make him a popular educator among students.



TopRoger T.

” Have been trading for 3yrs, and was about to quit when Mr. Newman of Pacific Trading called. Just about passed on his offer, as I had taken several courses in the past, with less than expected results. Can’t tell you how glad I am that I did not pass the opportunity to work with these people. I believe they are a group who are genuinely concerned about my success, and are worth every dime they ask. My mentor is Richard Rosenthal (one of the best) has taken the time I needed to be sure I understand the straight and narrow, has been great to work with and given me the valuable tools to work with, to have the confidence to trade the market with the insite needed to attain my goals. On top of all that I have gained a friend. Thank you.”



” Hello Richard, since Monday I made $1,225.00 so far. I Thank You for your tutoring. You are a great guy!”



” Good morning Richard, How is you trading? Mine is very good so far, I have traded 14 days and all been winners so far. I average around $300 per trades, I think that great for a learner. I remember what you said. ‘Don’t get greedy’ and I am following your advise. One day I made $475 in four minutes and I clocked out for the day. If I see that the trade goes against me I do a reversal. I am grateful to you, because I know that all of my financial problems are solve for life. GOD BLESS.”


TopK. Singh

” I have done seven 45-minute mentoring sessions with Rich Rosenthal up to today. I am thrilled with his mentoring program. I did not even dream in my dreams that this is exactly what I needed. Rich is a great teacher. Before the program start, I had my doubts. Not anymore. I have learned more in last 3 weeks than I learned on my own in last 5 years. Thanks a Lot!”


TopC. Winning

” Richard, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your guidance and mentorship over the last several months. You’ve really inspired me and helped me see a future for myself trading equities and futures, something I could never have done on my own. A number of mistakes I made were really a blessing in disguise because you were able to teach me how to avoid and navigate the land mines. If I were successful right out of the gate I’m pretty sure I would have been clueless as to how to deal with the problems. That being said, I dug myself out of the hole and made the money back on the course. You taught me how to read technical signals and when to use the various options strategies. I’m really trading with confidence, this is the best investment I’ve ever made in my future. Thank you, very, very much.”


TopK. Kicklighter

” Hello, I have been trading with Richard Rosenthal for 2.5 months. I just wanted to send this mail to express two things. First, Rich is a fantastic instructor (and patient) and second, he really knows his stuff. My $50k trading account is up over $70k (as of this morning), which is a 40% increase for 2.5 months. This would equate to 192% profit in 1 year using this methodology (and market). Even if you said it was 3 months, that’s 160%. That is fantastic.”



” Richard, We have had three positive and one negative trade this week so far. Last week was huge as we had a net of over $100K. Regards, “