Ken W. Chow

Ken began Trading in 1986 while working at Rockwell International as a defense contract engineer. By applying the principles he learned as an engineer to modern technical analysis, he was able to develop a simple trading methodology, SuperStructure Trading™, aligning price and time which books profits on a very consistent basis.

Specializing in money management and discipline, Ken has achieved some phenomenal results with his students. His day trading techniques alone have netted his students up to $12,000 profit in a single day. Ken uses simple mathematical techniques to make Trading more logical and quantitative. He specializes in Fibonacci retracements and extensions in unique combinations that are extremely accurate with minimum risk. Ken also has powerful tools to help strengthen the mind to enable a person to become a super-effective trader.

Truly a self made man, Ken helps his students “break down” various trading approaches to find out which are best suited for them. Ken graduated from UCLA with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has been successfully doing one on one mentoring for 6 years, specializing in technical analysis, day trading and pinpoint turns.




TopRandall M. October 06, 2011 8:51 am

Hi Ken, hope your trading day is going well.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you take the time to mentor. This has been a long learning process for me but yes I really believe I’m getting this. Bottom line I missed the bottom by a few tics but got in on the breakout at 1141.25 got out at 1151.25. Could have taken more but don’t want to get greedy, 10pts that is a good day! I’m striving to get as good as Dan “The Man”. Again thanks for your mentoring and encouragement.

Best Regards, Randy


TopDan B.

” Hey Ken: I pulled 15 points out of the market today. I could of had a lot more but was happy with that! Your system is truly remarkable,  I am so glad that I signed on PTA and yourself. I hope that everybody else is having results like I am! I will be on the Webinar tonight. Who’s better than you!! “


TopFelix C.

“Sir Ken, Thank you very much for the explanation of that ext. 461.8%.. I have mini-acct. and I am trading the Eur/usd before I enrolled to PTAUSA and I improved my trading now and I focus to your explanation about the reversing of the market and its true! it did.. the price went back at your estimated line between the 361.8% and 461.8%. You are really good! I opened a Demo acct. at TPfutures and I compare the price of the currency pair and the euro currency contract is almost thesame, even the moves. nothing to say more except for ” Mr. Chow, you are the best trader!! compared to my previous instructors. I can’t mention their academy name (its also a business). thank you again.”


Dear Ken, Just a note of appreciation for all you are taching me. It has helped me to realize a VERY nice profit on my copper contract. This alone made the course worthwhile. I expect to do well with others as well. I also appreciate your patience, concern, and kindness; especially that you do not talk down to me. That is very important to a rookie and a woman at that. God bless you for all your help.”

TopV. Shelton

” Hi Ken, Made $5,900 on those 6 contracts. I was long cotton at 1=70.5 2=51.36 1=51.95, Sold 4 at 52.65. The only position that I am in right now is, short wheat 1=3.89 2=4.0025. Since it broke threw .382 retrace i will be putting an order to short more at 4.1125. Also buy cutton again at 51.90 if 53.00 holds as the high.”

While the market was plummeting,

Ken’s students were profiting!

Here are some examples:

TopNeil from Oakland

August 24, 2010 “Dear Ken, Yesterday, (Mon 8/23/10) I bought 10 puts on IBM. The reason I did this was because I noticed an Elliott Wave forming on the 5 day 15 Minute chart. It just so happens that the top of the wave was point C on the IBM daily chart. I sold the puts today for a nice profit due to your home study course. Still a happy camper.”

TopJim N.

October 8, 2008 Email to Ken Chow. “Ken…thx for the chart and confirmation…nice work!….I am entertaining the possibility that this forecast may only be an intermediate low based on the downward price movement of the last week or so…another chart possibility is attached along with some text at the end of this email from another group that I belong to (Time&Cycles)….my Gann software is EOD so I had to hand draw the price movement from this AM. Warm regards,” Jim N P.S. Trading profits have paid for the course already

One week later, October 17, 2008 “Ken…wish I had received this earlier…I accepted a two- day consulting assignment (nuclear industry) in Pittsburgh on Thur/Fri (Nov 21-22)….regarding trading…I was not a man of great means….however, since I combined your method with my Gann knowledge, I have increased one account from $900 to $4800 and another account from $2000 to ~$14000 in the last two months….”


TopBill W.

April 25, 2008 From Bill W. To: Ken Chow. “Hi Ken, I’ve been diligently studying your course every available minute of the day since I got it, and enjoying it immensely, and seeing just how much potential there is in it to make me consistently successful. I just got to chapter 4, Strategy #1. WOW! This is awesome!! I can only imagine what’s waiting for me around the next corner. You must have been completely unable to sleep at night when you first discovered these things! You have no idea how grateful I am that you and your course have come into my life. There is nothing more important to me, nothing (other than God and my family) than becoming a successful commodities trader, and now I know, after 10 years of trying and trying and trying, that I am going to reach that goal. I know I’m still only on Chapter 4, but I just wanted to stop what I was doing and thank you. Thank you!!”


TopDale B.

Wed, 10 Sep 2008 “Ken, I like what I’m doing now. It’s less stressful. The stop losses are bigger but with 85% profitable I’m O.K. with the occasional loss. Thanks for all your help and support.”

Sept 30, 2008 “Ken, I can’t thank you enough. As many people are losing a great deal of money in their 401K’s, I keep chipping away on profitable trades. Still around 65%. Yesterday with the market down 600 pts, I made money on both the short and long side. I’ve been staying with the e-mini russell (ICE), I bought the TFZ8 at 1141 on a secondary breakout for 664. I put in a limit order at 671, which was around the 78% ext. of the major move and 261.8% on the support single-side (also the 261.8% of the single side of the double bottom). It got executed at 1334 for 7 points profit! I plan on being on the Webinar call tonight. Thanks, ”

October 9, 2008 “Ken, Last night I was analyzing the 60 minute e-mini Russell and noticed it had gone thru the 127% extension of the dominant MM and the 161% would be 495. The supporting single sided 261.8% was 498, and the most recent supporting MM 100% ext. was 494. I thought that if it broke through the low of 533.5 it might reach these levels. This morning the 5 minute had a MM breakout at 545 and I sold one contract expecting it to go to 531. When it blasted thru there I had another limit order at 533.5 that I took all the way to my projected level. I thought this might take days. I made 78.3 points today on two contracts. $7,830!!!!!!! Thanks, “

TopTony W.

“Ken, WOW, what a week! My account is up over $27k just from last week from SuperStructure Trading! Thank you Ken,”


TopGreg H.

16 Oct 2008 ” I hope to make it to class tonight but I am done for the day. Give the new guys the following info. To build their confidence: Trading Results: 9 Trades, 1 Loser (3 Points), 1 Scratch. Net S&P Points (not ticks) – 72.00! They should know that they can all do this – I am not a “rocket scientist” – like my brother, just an old bookkeeper.”

TopRene P.

October 17, 2008 ” Hi Ken! Greetings from Santa Clarita! I just can’t contain my excitement from today’s trading day experience for me, especially from a novice who signed up with your course less than two months ago! Last week was a brutal one for me (and I think for majority of the traders out there too), and what I did was review your DVD’s again and see where I went wrong on my trades. This week, I only traded Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I was up almost $2000 for the week by strictly following your strategies. This in spite of the fact that today, all major indexes (DOW, NASDAQ Comp and S&P) were down and I made $951.88 net on one stock alone (RIO)!

I attached herewith RIO’s Chart Analysis and a copy of my actual trades with TradeStation for today. Will you please comment on my analysis so I could learn from the “MAESTRO” himself”? You don’t have to make it on the chart itself, in fact I’d like to talk to you about it and I also have other trade-related questions that I am hesitant to ask when we are on a webinar. More power to you Ken and I think your SST program is superior to anything out there in the market today! Gratefully, “