Dale Brethauer

Dale has been a successful trader for more than 30 years. In his own words Dale considers himself to be a “motivated, hard working, personable and professional individual who is passionate about stock and commodity trading and teaching.”

He holds an MBA from the University of Delaware, and teaches Finance through the American Management Association.

Prior to joining the Pacific Trading Academy Dale’s, passion for teaching and coaching and his love of trading lead him to own his own stock mentoring company.

His association with PTA started in 2007 when he became a student of Ken W. Chow’s.  His association with PTA and its staff was such a positive one that despite having several other choices, he decided to come aboard.

He specializes in low-risk investing in financially strong stocks and low-risk/highly profitable stock option trading.  He has been successful at integrating several trading methodologies to achieve those goals.

Dale’s clear insights gained from his own decades of trading will help insure students typically attain their trading goals be it in mastering the art of long term investing, short term investing or producing consistently profitable trades for  cash flow.  He especially enjoys working with student on the psychological and emotional aspects of trading and can help individuals at all skill levels develop their trading business plans to trade like a professional and obtain their trading objectives.  He says “when making money in the market is so routine it is almost boring then you know you have arrived” Dale has arrived.

His Professional Experience includes:

  • Teaches Fundamentals of Finance to non-financial professionals through the American Management Association.
  • Was a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Ran investment education business for three years (2002-2005).
  • Developed investment course material
  • Authored two business books: The Power of Strategic Costing, AMACOM 1999, and New Product Development and Delivery, AMACOM, 2001.
  • Helped manage the $4 billion DuPont Lycra business.
  • Has four U. S. Patents.
  • Developed a marketing CD for trading the stock market



TopF. Vorderstrasse, an appreciative student

“THANK YOU DALE!! I have been a student of Dale Brethauer’s for a brief four months and in this short time I have come to realize that Dale’s strategies work!My interest and experience in trading the markets go back over 50 years. In this time I have traded all types of markets under all types of conditions. Over these years I have also worked with many investment services each promoting its own strategy. After all of this, I sincerely believe that I have found a trading program that really works.

Dale’s strategy screams of simplicity. It provides exact trading signals. It approaches total genius in enabling profitable trade execution. His system “works!!” Instead of endlessly attempting to identify tops and bottoms, major and minor trends and profitable entry and exit points, Dale’s “system” identifies these for me. I can then “trade with the trend” comfortably and unemotionally. Belief in a system that offers this valuable information relieves stress and creates a feeling of trust and confidence that I have never before experienced in all of my trading “ventures.” What a fabulous feeling that is! Thank you, Dale, for your patient assistance as I continue to acquire the skills to one day become a truly successful trader.”


TopM. Saye

“In an individual trader’s world filled with hype, never ending ‘special offers’ and frustration from tantalizing false claims; I am relieved to have finally found a mentor and education I believe in by becoming a student of Dale Brethauer. After trying many systems, services and ‘Grail’ indicators, I can tell you that this coaching program makes sense, focuses on what rally matters, including trading plans and money management, and is applicable to various trading styles and strategies. We are shown some fish while being taught to fish and it is this learning experience that differentiates this program from all others.  Dale is very approachable in webinars, by email and phone and is always willing to assist when you need extra help. Not only this, but because he archives all of his webinars and updates, you can watch and learn at your convenience. Dale genuinely wants us to succeed and is one of a very few instructors in this industry that I can say I trust explicitly.”


TopG. Busch

“Starting in late October, I took a three month course from Pacific Trading Academy.  Dale Brethauer was our course mentor.  I found him to be a straight shooter and realistic thinker he was easy going and very pleasant in all our discussions. Dale showed us a method of finding and evaluating financially strong stocks for investment purposes. He also showed us how by using trend methodology we could analyze a stock and decide by reading and understanding the trend charts when to enter into a buy or sell position.  I appreciate his interest in listening to each of his students and making sure we understood the investment and trend chart methodology. Any perspective student  should  be very comfortable seeking Dales instruction, he was a great facilitator.  Through Dale’s webinars he gave the students excellent demonstrations on how to use the analysis and trend tools he taught the group.”


TopJim B.

“As a Metastock user I was on Equis website and signed up for a webinar on Volatility Breakout by Dale Brethauer. Attending webinars were not the norm for me however, I am so glad I did. I really enjoy Dale’s methodology of teaching as he will walk with you step by step and ensure that you have a total understanding of the trading methods that are time-tested proven strategies. Dale has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the markets and this is evident by his teaching. A very important aspect of Dale’s teachings is the psychology of trading and how emotions can be detrimental to your trading account. Emotions were what kept me from advancing in the markets. Not anymore. 🙂 One of the things I really look forward to in Dale’s webinar class is the drills he performs on reading technical indicators on the charts. For me, this is not only fun because everyone in the class is encouraged to participate by telling Dale if they would go long, exit or stand aside but, this is also an excellent training tool that builds your confidence and readies you for trades that have your hard earned cash on the line. Dale has taught me how to use my charting platform with a specific set of indicators that will show me precisely when to get in and when to get out of a trade. With the guesswork and emotions removed, not only do I find myself sleeping better at night, I am pulling in real nice profitable trades. Other important aspects I’d like to point out are Dale’s teaching of risk and money management, trading business plan and expectation of returns. I have trading stocks and options for years with no real results until now. I am extremely excited about where this endeavor will take me and right now I am enjoying the journey! Thank you Dale and PTA ~ Regards,



“Dale, I just wanted to tell you again how much I really consider myself extremely blessed to have been put with you as my coach. This was absolutely the best investment of time and money that I have ever done for myself. Of course I am very thankful for my marriages, children and my job in the military and American Airlines but this has been, for me, like getting the Masters degree that I always wanted to get. Thank you my dear friend and I look forward to playing more golf with you in the future. Sincerely, “


TopRussel P.

“Dale, on this Tuesday I bought 3 contracts of APPL for $25.04 today it is at $38.60, needless to say I’m shocked and delighted. Also my CMG went up $15.90 today, this is my best day ever as a trader, thank you.”


TopMartin S. Auburn, CA

“I’ve tried several ‘investment services’ that were offered to me over the phone – and I mostly regretted it dearly. Not so this time! PTA is the first organization I’ve encountered, who are first and foremost interested in turning their students into self-sufficient, successful traders. You can’t go wrong with them. Given my stated preference for swing and position trading in stocks and options, PTA paired me up with Dale Brethauer, who introduced me to a few solid, time-tested, and easy to follow trading strategies with clearly defined entry and exit signals. These strategies are comfortably manageable on a part-time basis, so I can still dedicate ample time to my day job. A big milestone during Dale’s mentorship was the creation of my very own trading business plan, in which I documented my trading objectives, personal strengths/weaknesses, strategies, tools, processes, accounts, trading capital allocation, forecasts, and training resources. This living document is now the focal point of all my trading activities and I can’t believe I ever traded without it. I also love Dale’s webinars which provide a forum for group discussions, the ability to ask questions and to hear multiple points of view on how to manage our trades in light of the respective market situations. They definitely helped me to solidify my own knowledge and to keep my trades on track. They also made me feel more connected to others, being part of a community of like-minded traders who are following Dale’s strategies. Finally, under Dale’s guidance I developed the skills and confidence to develop, test, and scrutinize additional strategies to augment the foundation he provided. It reminded me a little bit about college, where you don’t just acquire knowledge about a particular topic, rather you hone the skills that allow you to solve any problem that you may encounter in your professional career… If you are looking for an experienced, honest and thorough guide to put you on the path to trading success and provide you with solid, easy to follow stock and option trading strategies, Dale Brethauer is your man! Thank you Dale, for sharing your wisdom with me! I’m looking forward to many years of successful trading and to staying in touch and sharing my ideas with you and the growing community of Dale Brethauer alumni.”


TopBill (Wilfred) W.

Dear Suzan,
As you know I discovered Dale on a “Webinar” sponsored by Metastock. His topic was Volatility Breakouts using Bollinger Bands and Wilder’s Parabolic SAR.I was impressed by his honesty, knowledge and ability to focus on his subject and thoroughly get his teaching message across to his student.Even though I have probably twenty years experience with Metastock, I am relatively new to the use of options. Until now, my fear and ignorance of options had produced a losing record.The first four sessions with Dale convinced me that I had made a good choice contracting with PTA for his teaching.He quickly and patiently taught me the basics of Volatility Breakouts using Bollinger Bands and Wilder’s Parabolic SAR to establish Straddles and Strangles. He guided me through real-time investments using a simple and effective strategy. I was given precise rules on selecting stocks, entry points, and exit points that removed emotion from the decisions. The strategy demands patience and discipline to make it work. It has performed just the way Dale promised!We are working now on a business plan to guide me into a better investing performance.One of the things he has taught me while working on the business plan is the construction and application of the “Expectation” formula that I had read about in Dr. Van Tharp’s book. It is an invaluable instrument for building confidence in the strategy that you are using. Before working with Dale, I had been working with strategy ideas that were complicated beyond belief and barely kept my head above water. Dale has given me two strategies, one for short-term option trading and the other for long-term investing, that are as simple as an old Ford Model T and just as dependable. More than that, he explains the strategy, guides me in its use and subtly tests me to be sure that I am `getting it.`Of all my investments over a lot of years one of the very best was my decision to take Dale’s course through Pacific Trading Academy.


TopA. Gore, Nashville, Tennessee

“Last fall and winter, I along with many others watched their hard earned retirement funds erode in the dramatic 2008/2009 down turn of the economy and stock market. I chose to watch and hope that the market would come back and recovery the losses that I suffered. It was a bad decision, but my decision. As I gathered information from different sources it became very apparent that the market was going to take some time, if ever, to recover my loses especially using the strategy that I had previously established for myself, namely Mutual Funds and traditional hold and hope long term stocks. So, I made a command decision to take charge of my own destiny and to attempt learning the skills necessary to do that. I needed to find someone to carefully mentor and teach me the skills necessary to achieve my goals. I was referred to Pacific Trading Academy. As I poured out my story to one of the staff at PTA her advice was to engage one of their staff of mentors. I was referred to Dale Brethauer and agreed to work with him and he with me. Dale has patiently guided me through the education and execution process of trading Options and investing in high quality stocks long term using very simple but effective systems that he has developed over 30 years of his own personal investment experience and philosophy. I highly recommend Dale as a mentor if you are like me and need tender loving care and patience while you learn to trade and execute a conservative plan of investment. I look forward to an on going relationship with Dale as I plan my portfolio’s consistent recovery. “


TopSurender S.

“To my fellow traders;

My early trading was a disaster. That experience left me pondering why some win, some lose and is there a way to become a better trader. With millions of possible strategies, trading styles, unlimited profit and loss potential, no external constraints or pressure to conform to social behaviors, where to start and how to start. Well after searching for answers for a very long time, I stumbled upon a webinar hosted by Metastock featuring Dale Brethauer, a mentor with the Pacific Trading Academy. My search was over; I signed up with PTA to have Dale as my personal mentor. The strategies he presented were fascinating, very low risk, stress free trading, 10 years of growth, minimal draw downs and best of all a plan and road map to follow. It was like cloning someone’s success with the inventor of the strategy with you to pull you back from taking wild risk and conform to success track. Joining the program with him, repeating the information on weekly basis, discussing the ideas and cross checking them with the plan and strategies, really helped. Dale’s strategies helped with trading peacefully, taking the blame away from brokers and friends whose tips went south. Me and the market, Me with full control of my destiny, Me with no one else to blame, Me taking 100% responsibility, required a solid plan and strategies, thank you Dale for being the middle man, kind of gateway to direct and channel my actions towards success trajectory. On a side note, I got into RIMM with volatility breakout strategy, made $3000 in 4 days. Got in at 55 and out at close to 65. Had I just used your strategy week before with AIG, would have captured 3k profits there as well. I am excited to get to more stable results with low stress. Dale’s weekly and daily setup’s takes away the minute by minute monkey watching my trades. I wish you profits and if you are struggling like I was try and attend a webinar with Dale, or better yet, have him mentor you. Thanks, “


TopJon K. H., DC

“This is a true mentorship, one of the best that I have ever experienced in my 10 years of trading. Good mentors are hard to find and I feel truly blessed to have found Dale. He is kind, patient and tolerant, the exact qualities that you want in a good mentor.  Here’s all  you do; you watch Dale trade, you listen as he walks you through the logic of the trade, you learn to look at the indicators and you trade for profits and success. This is not about looking at synthetic trade setups; it’s the real thing in real time. I spent the first month unlearning the stuff that I thought I knew. By the end of the second month I had learned patience and to trust what the charts were telling me. By the end of third month I had developed confidence and certainty about trading successfully. Along the way there have been a couple of great trades, especially DuPont +28% in four days but I especially like trading the Russell that returns 8-11% month over month. Sincerely,”


TopRobert F. N.

“I’ve gone to the expense of obtaining publications, newspapers (including IBD) – all yesterdays news- on line classes, trading platforms, etc.  I couldn’t find the direction of my next trade –  It was all hit and miss.

Then I caught,”Dale Brethauer’s webinar” from PTA.   Then the trade direction started to become more clear.  Using Dale’s methods of weekly MACD to determine the stock direction, then the use of the daily MACD, one can see the proper timing to enter a trade, how long to stay in, and when to get out.

My trading has greatly improved, this method is more relaxing, you don’t have to make quick decisions.  Dale’s method does the work for you.\Dale’s coaching is great.  He is patient, reserved and approachable.  All your questions will be answered.

Dale, thank you for my success as a trader.”