Glenn Thompson

Glenn is a Brown University graduate who also attended the New York Institute of Finance. He has been involved with securities and commodities since 1982 working for many well-known financial institutions.

His extensive background and experience had him working as an analyst with the currency and energy sectors, also working with Peter Beutel, one of the top oil analysts in the world, trading energy markets at the NYMERC and IPE in London.

Glenn has developed several trading strategies regarding trading stock options specifically focusing on capital preservation and maximum profits by factoring in a simple but effective time element. He has also provided analysis in the foreign exchange markets. Glenn has been mentoring for several years, helping traders of all levels increase their competency in understanding and eventually trading in the markets.



TopJeff S.

For all those considering participating in The Pacific Trading Academy’s mentoring program: I am a farmer from Iowa who has been trading for 15 years with not much success. I have participated in numerous programs which were mostly bits and pieces in hindsight. I signed up with the PTA program and immediately had second thoughts because of all those other programs that did not work for me. Fortunately for me, Patrick took the time to call me personally and show me the reasons that this program was perfect for me. I was then able to work with Glenn with comfort and confidence THANK GOD! Working with Glenn was so delightful and different than any other program I’ve ever done. He helped me find my trading personality and risk tolerance. He took into account the amount of money I had to work with and he did it with such a wonderful, positive attitude, I can truly see he loves what he is doing. Glenn changed the way I see the markets forever. He clarified fractal analysis and made sense of Elliot Wave so everything was non confusing. I then started my new trading career and in the first 30 days of trading, my account went from twenty thousand to one hundred seventy thousand. The scary part about all this is that I know this is skill – not luck! I am a different trader than I had been for 15 years. I owe a lot of thanks to Glenn Thompson and wholeheartedly recommend The Pacific Trading Academy. Thank You.”

TopV. Anspach

“This trading program with Glenn Thompson as my mentor is by far the best I have encountered. To start with he made the appointments at my convenience, was very punctual and never missed a single one. He is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience as an active trader and is blessed with the talent to convey this knowledge to anyone desiring to learn. Mr. Thompson is not only a good teacher but very patient and considerate. He builds the program to conform with the students comprehensive ability and never does he make one feel foolish for dumb mistakes but always, always has a word of encouragement. His goal is not only that the students become a successful trader but also to teach one how to trade in a manner in harmony with their goals, personality and fits in with their time schedule. His teaching was from a very pragmatic, substantive approach. I learned what works for me. I wish to express my gratitude to Pacific Trading Academy for the opportunity of working with Glenn Thompson. I can honestly say that I have learned more in the past three months than in the past three years. My thanks to you again and good trading to all. Sincerely,”


TopBarbara C.

“Glenn, I very much enjoyed my program with you as mentor. You are very knowledgeable and are able to teach on a level that I could understand. You were patient and kind, and I truly do appreciate all your time invested with me. I feel more confident in watching the markets both from a hedging and speculative perspective and this is due to your teachings. As you know, I more than achieved my financial goals. I would recommend you and the PTA program to any participant. I feel I have made a good friend during our lessons. Thank You Again. Sincerely,”


TopMarjorie B.

“Hi Glenn, I thought you would like to know that I just took $800 profit on Dec corn option. I went ahead and closed it out today before it started to rally. I didn’t want to take a chance on letting my profit go, just like you showed me!”


TopKenneth W.

“I am enclosing a check to PTA as tuition payment for another 12 wk course in commodity trading with Glenn Thompson. I enjoy studying with Glenn on learning how to trade profitably. He has given me enough to be able to stay in the market, but I need more skill to take advantage of more and better trades. My market balance and excess equity is now around $35,000. Glenn and I will be trying to build that to $300,000.00 in the near future. Sincerely,”