SuperStructureTrading™ eBook and Videos: $299.00

The eBook:
  • Learn the Exact Steps to Quickly Qualify a good trade to a Super Trade! [SuperStructureTrade]
  • How “NOT” to enter a BAD Trade and Save YOU from loosing money!
  • What Lagging Indicators don’t really reveal to you! What not to USE!
  • Pinpoint when the trade reverses and know how big the trend is before Pulling the Trigger and ride a big profitable Trade.
  • Why Trend Strength [Not Volume] is the Key confirmation to a reversal. Short or Long, and mapping how big the ride is before entering a trade.
  • The correct and only Fibonacci Combo that you will ever need in any market, in any Time FRAME!
    Bankable Profit on your trades!
  • Have fun Trading AGAIN! Remember the first winning trade? You can have them again. Repeated daily!
The Videos:
  • For your convenience, Ken explains all 6 chapters in the Video Companion to the eBook.
  • He goes over in details all the diagrams and charts found in the eBook.
  • You can now understand the SuperStructureTrading concepts clearly and quickly by watching in video format.
  • Plus FREE Bonus: The “Butterfly” Video
The Chapters:

Chapter 1. Trend Strength Structure
Chapter 2. Structures Working Together
Chapter 3. Fibonacci Ratios
Chapter 4. SuperStructure Trading
Chapter 5. Case Studies
Chapter 6. Partial Patterns