The Thrill of Trading

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The Thrill of Trading

I recently wrote a piece touting the importance of market timing as a lead up to my upcoming webinar. The primary focus of the article was the idea that time targets are complimentary to price targets, and as such more fully equip a trader. In my mentoring of other traders, through the years, and certainly as rule in my own trading, I don’t depend on projected time targets as the sole basis for trading decisions.

Instead I use time targets, more or less as a temporal map to better cue me to my price markers. Alignments between the time and price points provide greater certainty than dependence on either one by itself. In addition, my perception of market dynamics rests on the belief that they are informed by the consensus view of all the interested parties or traders who are active in a given market.

Markets typically treat all participants on an equal footing (that is they are not a respecter of certain traders more so than any others). That is until they are! The way to stick out in the “eye of the market” is to present it with something new, interesting, and exciting. The incorporation of time analysis into one’s tool box essentially presents the market with a relatively new type of information (a gift item). Since markets are privy to such a gift, only about 5% of the time at the extreme, they ususally show their appreciation through an influx of capital back to the original benefactor. All of the above is true and is a direct consequence of the dynamical properties intrinsic to financial markets.

What for me emotionally, trumps all of the above, is the particular sensation I experience when after careful analysis I establish a market position, and immediately, the market takes off on the path I’ve projected. This demonstration of the abruptness with which a market will often respect the temporal component of my analysis, provides a special thrill which is seldom equaled!


This coming Saturday (11/08/14) at 9:00 am, pacific time, I’ll be sharing concepts on market timing in a webinar. I’ll see you there.