Intermarket Relationships Current Trades

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Intermarket Relationships Current Trades


Dear Trader,

So far, the amount of volatility present in the capital markets continues to present sizable opportunities for swing and longer term position trades, some of which began in the final quarter of 2016.The spectrum of events that have so far impacted the financial landscape have created and set up some tremendous moves, leading to large profits being generated as we progress through the new year.

As we move through the first quarter of 2017, my research indicates continued volatility, and as such persistency of opportunities to generate similar, if not even greater profits than in recent quarters. Specifically, I will point out and highlight critical events, both fundamental and technical, which I expect to converge and create high return scenarios, through the end of the year. Tune in on Thursday (02/16) at 1:30 pacific time, to learn the details and the strategies that are designed for optimal returns.