16 Sep Posted by in Market Forecasting | Comments Off on STOCK MARKET TO ADVANCE

The advances we saw this week in the stock market should continue.  A number of cycles tuned specifically to equities touch down tomorrow (09/17/11), and I expect will provide the jolt required of a 3rd wave.  Today,I entered long positions at 1210 basis the December e-mini. Since I didn’t see the retracement I was expecting in today’s session, it becomes less likely a near term event. The precision characteristic of the specific cycles arriving tomorrow compel me to consider that the market might still pull back during the first part of next week.  Either way, I expect the net trend to move higher at least for a week.  The market top that formed on August 31, might provide an initial test to the trend’s persistence, but I doubt it. Once the market breaks through that level, I expect it to accelerate.

If I see a pullback say during Monday or Tuesday’s session, I’ll add to the long position. Also, a breakout above the 08/31 high will trigger buy stops I’ve entered.

Next Wednesday, (09/14/11)  I’m presenting a Webinar where I will discuss time projection analysis. For those viewers who are interested, I will elaborate on my expectations for the stock market, as well. Additionally, I can address questions related to specific strategies concerning my projections.


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