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Introducing POV 2.0 – When Price, Oscillator and Volume Align, GO WITH THE FLOW!

A free webinar presented by Pacific Trading Academy and Mike Bridges

Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 1:30 p.m. PDT

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For over 15 years, Mike Bridges, has been teaching his POV Trading System to students seeking to become independent, self-directed day traders. Key features of POV have been its multi-target peeling-off strategy with Free Trade and Come-From-Behind Modes, and the low transaction costs of our recommended brokers. This combination of factors allows traders to earn substantial profits – even a “Grand-A-Day” – taking numerous small, low-cost, low-risk trades.

Recognizing that everyone wants to make money in the Market, but only a “vital few” have the time and temperament necessary for the task, Pacific Trading Academy began an auto-trading program at Striker Securities in Chicago based on Mike’s POV system. In all auto-trading programs, the investor is not personally selecting or executing the trades and therefore pays a higher transaction cost than a self-directed trader.

The costs in the new auto-trading version of POV are over 3 times the amount paid by self-directed traders. This challenge required clever modifications to POV that allowed the system to take fewer, longer trades with more distant targets while retaining the Free Trade and Come-From-Behind Modes so effective in the original version. Thus, it is with great pride and pleasure we present POV 2.0.

Join Mike at 1:30 pm PDT, Thursday, March 26, 2015, to hear him discuss these and many other important trading topics:

  • How to find the alignment of momentum on multiple time frames where the energy of Price, Oscillator and Volume all flows in the same direction.
  • How to create a “Free Trade.”
  • How to use CFB (Come-From-Behind) Mode to get out of a hole when the inevitable loser occurs.
  • How to “systematically desensitize” yourself to the stress of using more distant targets and stops.
  • How POV 2.0 can earn you not only money, but that most valuable of all commodities, TIME!

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