Near Term Trades

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Near Term Trades

Optimally, my analysis projects junction points in the energy curves of  a market, which enables me to isolate turning point zones that act as edge domains. Both numerical and geometric analyses are employed to delineate these profit zones. In environs less than optimal, I’ll consider and utilize any approach which might isolate alignments leading to profit. Typically a good place to start is with inter-market relationships. I usually start with the U.S. dollar. If I can project the course of the currency, then the direction of commodities, stocks and bonds, typically trace out reliably predictable paths. Historical inter-market relationships, serve as an initial precedent useful for prediction, but need to be filtered by current parameters, such as inflation or deflation levels, etc. Such an ad-hoc approach suggests the following near term(approx. two week time frame)  trade signals:

Long the precious metal sector.  Long oil. Long bonds. Short Swiss Franc. Short S&P. Short Cattle.

This Thursday (07/17) I am presenting a webinar, where I will discuss the analytic details that generated the above signals. The program starts at 1:30 P.M. Pacific time.