Mentor Mike’s Screen Capture Update for Friday, 11/15/13

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Mentor Mike’s Screen Capture Update for Friday, 11/15/13

The screen capture from today updates my trading progress through Friday, 11-15-13.


Daily: 4-2 and $37.00 net; Cumulative: 46-4 and $5,386.50 net. I will continue trading 8 contracts next time.


MY NEXT WEBINAR WILL INCLUDE IMPORTANT INFO ON FOREX: I have been actively seeking new connections from among the global trading community, and I have noted the large number of FOREX traders.  So, in addition to updating my personal S&P Emini trading and reviewing my PRICE, OSCILLATOR, VOLUME technique, I am also going to discuss USING VOLUME IN FOREX and the reasons for my personal preference for INDEX VS. FOREX. Please join me this Saturday, 11/16/13 at 9am PST.  Register now at the link below.

Original Promo for Mentor Mike’s Next Webinar

Using his new POV trading technique, “Mentor” Mike Bridges SHATTERED his personal one-month trading record in October. Now, for the remainder of 2013, Mike will also apply his proven account-growing method described in his last webinar, POV TRADING, A CLOSER LOOK. Every two weeks or so, Mike will update his progress in a comprehensive webinar that will review the essential elements of his PRICE, OSCILLATOR, VOLUME trading. If you day trade the S&P Emini, or ever thought about trying, you have got to see what Mike can do. The first update webinar will be Saturday, November 16, 2013, 9am Pacific Time. Use the link below to register, mark your calendar and DON’T MISS IT. Register now at the link below.

Today’s Chart

Here is a screen capture of today’s chart showing the real-time trades I took using my POV technique.  Please click on the chart below to make it larger.  Chart #1