I get my edge from timing

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I get my edge from timing

A basic premise of technical analysis is that all information one needs is contained in the price.

By extension, each and every day and in fact each and every moment, a market’s price composed of a time and a price component. In other words this space/time or more specifically price/time continuum of energy is what we are observing when we view a price chart.

If and when this energy which represents the market, moves by a certain specific amount of price/time, it reaches an equilibrium point of balance.

Because by definition a balance point is so sensitive it marks or corresponds to a point of change, or a “turning point”. Essentially, tops and bottoms are points of resonance that allow energy to come in and overflow the system, so that it changes.

The thrust of most financial market analysis, is concerned with these changes, and more importantly their prediction. Probably because, as mentioned above all information is discounted in the price, analysis of the price and its changes has dominated the analytical field. As important as price is, time has become the neglected analytical dimension. It is this dimension of time where I find my edge.

Broadening the context of market behavior, such that market dynamics assign an equal footing to price and time (two sides of the same underlying figurative coin) suggests a democracy of procedures is necessary. In other words whatever I do to price I ought to do to time, and vice versa.

My next webinar which is this Saturday (11/08/14) at 9:00 am pacific time, will present a theoretical premise implicit to my time projection analysis and corresponding practical demonstration to actual markets.