Can scientific parapsychology contribute to the field of financial forecasting?

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Can scientific parapsychology contribute to the field of financial forecasting?

The Market Technicians Association group on LinkedIn posed the intriguing question: “Can scientific parapsychology contribute to the field of financial forecasting?”  This essay describes my experience with H.A.R.V. – Hybrid Associative Remote Viewing in trading.


I dabbled in Remote Viewing several years ago.  The market related version I learned was labeled H.A.R.V. – Hybrid Associative Remote Viewing.

There are a variety of explanations postulated for why HARV might work.  Some suggest that thoughts are a form of energy that vibrates at various frequencies like radio stations transmitted into the ether.  The Remote Viewer’s mind is like a receiver.

The Viewer attempts to relax, and open the mind to the reception of various sensory impressions:  sights, sounds, textures, temperatures, aromas, etc.   Generally, the reception process follows a specific order.  These protocols are akin to carefully turning the radio receiver’s dial until a station comes in clearly.  First impressions are critical.  The longer the Viewing session goes on, the more likely any impression is the product of the Viewer’s own straining imagination and not a connection to the universal super-consciousness.

Some point to a phenomenon found in quantum physics known as quantum entanglement – the idea that two subatomic particles can communicate with each other instantaneously across any distance or time.  TOMORROW’S YOU is quantumly entangled with TODAY’S YOU.  Imagine if TOMORROW’S YOU, that already knows tomorrow’s closing price of the S&P, can communicate that information to TODAY’S YOU before it happens.

Obviously skeptics abound.  But if the topic intrigues you in the slightest, I suggest you check out the P.E.A.R. project.  PEAR = Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, a 30-year study conducted by serious academics of if and how human thought and intention can affect physical reality.

Ultimately I ceased my H.A.R.V. experimentation for practical reasons, not disbelief in its viability.  I make between two and ten trades a day in the S&P Emini.  There is no way I can use the H.A.R.V. protocols fast enough to be of any value in my trading methodology.

In my limited experience, H.A.R.V. seems best suited to choosing between two alternatives, e.g., whether today’s close will be above or below yesterday’s close and other types of yin/yang, black/white pairs.  It would be interesting to know if H.A.R.V. might have value in binary options or CFDs (Contracts For Difference).  If anyone has data on that, let me know.