A Fairy Tale

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A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, many eons ago,there lived a young man, who lived in the district of the “Dark Side”. His village was so named, since it was widely believed that no one could predict the future. Being a young lad he found this quite sad and at least quite peculiar. For what was obvious to him was that events and things tended to repeat. Amongst his friends of a similar age, there was a shared consternation as to why the elders of Dark Side could not see what the younger members of the village could. Over time, he observed, that even he was beginning to lose sight of the light and become less and less sure about the future. As he grew older, from time to time, he would overhear conversations of travelers from distant lands. On one occasion in particular, on a day that was particularly bright, he was introduced to messrs  Gann, Jenkins, Marachel, and Bayer. It seems that the Dark Side was chosen to host a convention of sorts, and travelers from far and wide arrived. The language was strange and filled with terms like Garch, Varima,  Cones, Smiles, Circles and Squares . He noticed that whenever he heard this strange tongue ,though he could not follow the lines precisely, certain memories from his youth would arise. He furiously wrote notes of these strange points, but became frustrated that he could not quite understand.  There were moments though brief , where he recalled his youthful ability to see the things that would come in the brightness of the light. But alas these were but fleeting moments and soon the visitors departed. And with their departure, he noticed that the darkness descended. If he had any doubts, about there being only darkness, the elders of Dark Side quickly and with great authority assured everyone that all was Dark , and that there was no light, and that the future could not possibly be seen. It was comforting , to know that wealth and property could be aquired even in total darkness, as the elders had indicated. Truly all was well in Dark Side! Over time, this now older man, thought little of the light, and like most others of  the village learned to manage in the dark. From time to time he would go out into the dark to take a walk for exercise. Sometimes during his strolls, he couldn’t help but hear the children of  Dark Side frolicking about. Even more alarming was how sometimes he would witness shouts from the youth about how they could foretell the future. On one evening when he was on his usual stroll, he overheard one lad in particular, who had attracted a crowd, and who went on and on about how he could forecast, by using  a cone, and how he planned to leave Dark Side when he got older. How childish this was he thought, but then he remembered how at one time, long long ago, he too, used a cone and often could see the future.  This surely must be the domain of  the youth he thought as he quickly dismissed this childish flight of fancy. But as he neared his destination the thought occurred that he might look for his old cone from his childhood. Possibly, if he could locate it and bring it with him on one of his walks, one of the youth  might re-aquaint him with its application. Well just a thought, he thought.

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