The Return of Mentor Mike’s Market Movies

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The Return of Mentor Mike’s Market Movies


My thanks to those of you who expressed opinions about Mentor Mike’s Market Movies.  I received many kind words of encouragement and several helpful suggestions.  I was even contacted by Ninja Trader about possibly contributing content for their new YouTube channel.  So, by popular demand, I will continue — but with a few changes.

M4 will now be weekly.  Starting on Friday, August 3rd, and on most Friday’s thereafter I will post still images of each day’s charts for the prior week.  The actual Market Movie will give a short recap of the entire week and then show a full replay of the day that I deem to be the most challenging, or that contains the most discussion points.  I will endeavor to incorporate the best of your suggestions for how to improve the educational benefits of M4 such as staying with a single chart template throughout the month, taking only the highest-probability /easiest-to-spot trades, and giving more commentary on the trades not taken, i.e., potential fakeouts and other hazards.  There will be fewer Movies, but I will try to make each one a mini-webinar.  I cannot promise how long I will feel like keeping up such a pace, but this is the plan for now.

Free services like M4 are only possible thanks to the generosity of my good friends at Pacific Trading Academy.  They are truly dedicated to providing the best possible education to traders around the globe, so please support them.  If you haven’t taken my full course, sign up.  If you have taken it and are pleased with the results, please encourage your friends to sign up.  If they have trepidations about the value of what I can teach them, just tell them to watch the M4s for this past June.  If that doesn’t convince them, nothing will.

Thank you again for your warm response.  Be back in a couple weeks.

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